Ever wonder why so many people are getting their gallbladder surgically removed?  What is causing all these gallbladders to fail?  Listen to Dr. Rostenberg expose the connection between estrogen, methyl imbalance, choline and gallbladder function.  You will be surprised once you start investigating how methylation impacts this issue!  In fact, methylation cycle processes are 100% related to gallbladder and hormone balance.  We are awash in our modern world in a sea of chemicals, many of them estrogens.  This includes the hormone replacements, birth control and other estrogens we get exposed to in the food supply.  All these estrogen toxins place a massive burden on our body’s ability to detoxify.  And with all those SNPs out there in the general population, its not wonder that many people are suffering from choline deficiency and gallbladder disease.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.

By looking at research like the kind Dr. Rostenberg is discussing in this video, it becomes clear that gallbladder disease is a result of a methylation imbalance.  The cause of the methylation problem could be purely genetic, but most likely its some combination of diet, lifestyle, environment AND genetics.  Older women especially are susceptible to gallbladder issues since they have spent more time in their lives with more exposure to estrogen.  Remember the more estrogen we are exposed to, the more METHYL groups we need!  If we happen to have COMT issues then we need to be even more vigilant to make sure we are breaking down estrogen in a healthy way, every day!  And I wish I could tell you everything would be fine after menopause when estrogen levels drop.  But the loss of estrogen at mid-life or through surgical menopause creates its own set of problems.  Low estrogen lowers choline production and this makes men, postmenopausal women, and any woman/man with PEMT SNPs at risk of brain, liver and gallbladder dysfunction.  Choline is the SECOND most important methyl donor in the body and picks up the slack when folate levels drop too low.

Confused yet?  Don’t be.  Just watch the video and stay tuned for more information on this critical issue.  What you need to know is that working on a plan to optimize your genetics can optimize your life.  It will help improve your gallbladder and hormone function regardless of your age or past history.  Dr. Rostenberg is an expert in the field of methylation research.  He can help you uncover the genetic causes of your health problem and gets moving forward!  If you would like help with your methylation genetics to heal your gallbladder and balance hormones, please contact Dr. Rostenberg at Red Mountain Natural Medicine today. Phone 208-322-7755. Email redmountainclinic@gmail.com. Website www.redmountainclinic.com


  • May 23, 2014 Reply


    Is there any way to prevent having gallbladder removal surgery if I have a 2cm gallstone already and have had several attacks? I’m already addressing the methylation cycle but doctors are pressuring me for surgery, saying I’m only prolonging something very serious that will eventually lead to an ICU-type emergency.

    • May 25, 2014 Reply


      Once the GB has developed a large stone, it is difficult to avoid surgery. But if surgery is something that eventually happens, knowing what to do after that to keep your Liver and bile pathways working well is key. It is safe to say however that if your GB already has a stone that large, then we know the GB has been under stress for a long period of time. If the GB has to be removed then taking bile acid support with each meal is necessary to assure proper nutrition absorption and prevent deficiency of fat-related vitamins A, D, E, K, Choline, and other essentially fatty acids. If you would like more info on how to help your GB, please reach out and contact my office. 208-322-7755 and redmountainclinic@gmail.com. – Dr. Rostenberg

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  • January 18, 2015 Reply


    Hi Dr. Rostenberg,
    I have C677T +/+ and also NAT2 A803G rs1799929/rs1801280 rs 1208 both +/+ COMT rs 165722/4646312/6269/933271/2391191/701567 +/- CYP1B1 L432V +/+ and alot more. I have lymphocyctic colitis/histamine issues/oral allergy syndrome/hypo thyroid/ibs-d – I cant eat much of anything and have lots 50 lbs and only once reintroducing carbs did my weight go up but the diarrhea every AM continues. I did the stool test with genova and basically stated I have very low SACFA’s and high propionate and valerate and inflammation is middle but high fecal sigA and extremely high cholesterol in my feces – HIGH LCFAs – I don’t know where to begin with fixing this. When I began becoming sick it was about 8 mos after my hysterectomy (ovaries intact) and pain in gallbladder area and all foods caused severe diarrhea. nothing helped. colonoscopy showed lymphocytic colitis so treated with entocort which I am still on. removed all gluten/dairy and white sugar 2 years ago. I am much better but still cannot eat carbs/sugar/dairy or anything high histamine. Was experiencing hot flashes recently so hormonal tests show no hormones all 3 zippo so now on estriodol gel and proesterin and much better with hot flashes. by b12 is high but b1 and b6 very low. Do you think choline is something that might work for me?? or Same?

    thxs in advance – would be interested in Skype appt.

    • January 18, 2015 Reply

      Dr. Rostenberg

      Hi Barb,

      Thanks for contacting me. I can help you figure this out. I suspect that right off the bat your diarrhea is actually caused by undigested fats and bile acids. Bacteria in the gut cause bile acids and fats to get all the way down to the colon, and this causes diarrhea. That is one thing but there is obviously a lot to talk about in regards to the other factors you listed above. The next step for you is to contact my front desk at redmountainclinic@gmail.com or call 208-322-7755. We will find a time to skype and dig in deeply into your health history and methylation pathways and find a natural solution. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

      Yours in Health,

      Dr. Rostenberg

  • March 25, 2015 Reply

    carol Tousignant

    Hi- I was diagnosed with heavy metal poisoning in1997, I had all my imalgams taken out properly with really no improvement. I am diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I have been trying to overcome my gallstone and liver stone problem for many years. Did gallbladder and liver cleanses with little results and damaged teeth enamel from the lemons. Since Jan. I have been taking Tmg, folate and Methyl b12 High dose and what a difference. But my gallbladder and liver are still hurting and I need some help. I have not had any testing done yet. I have also learned that methyl problems once corrected can solve thyroid problems is that true?

  • May 30, 2016 Reply


    I have suffered from gastritis for the past 3 years (was brought on by a steroid shot). The more I read about bile reflux, the more I think it’s the culprit. Can MTHFR cause bile reflux?

    • June 2, 2016 Reply


      Hi Krystal,

      Thanks for your comment. MTHFR causes biochemical problems which alter how well we produce energy and detoxify. These problems can impact digestion, making our stomach, gallbladder, and small intestine malfunction to some degree. There are many natural medicine tools which help gastritis heal quickly and efficiently, and I would love to share those with you. Treating digestion in a comprehensive fashion can greatly improve bile reflux symptoms, and the best thing is no drugs are required. If you would like help healing this issue please contact my office 208-322-7755 and redmountainclinic@gmail.com. Hope that helps!

      Yours in Health,

      Dr. Rostenberg

  • December 4, 2016 Reply


    My daughter has a 2 cm gallstone at the age of 19. It was found by the ER and we are going to the surgeon’s office this week. I am trying to educate myself before meeting with him – hate to say but I know nothing about gallbladder/gallstones. I do know that a friend’s daughter and my nephew’s wife both had their’s removed in the last 3 weeks. I feel that we should be able to remove the gallstone and wait. Is one gallstone the end of the gallbladder? Evidently hers is big? Is it too late to try to repair the gallbladder. I assume the surgeon will be pro-removal and want to see all options. Thanks so much for your work, it is very interesting. I also have 3 other daughters, and since it is genetic- what should they be doing?

    • December 26, 2016 Reply


      Hi Sandra,

      Thanks for your comment. Gallstones can dissolve slowly over time – 3 or 6 months. When a stone is 2 cm in a young person who is just 19 years old, that suggests there has been some estrogen/hormone/methylation related gallbladder issues for some time. 2 cm is the size of a penny, which many people successfully pass during gallbladder flushes. Its not too late to repair the gallbladder; and if the gallbladder is removed then there are steps you should take to assure healthy digestion going forward. Sorry this message finds you a little late, but if there is anything I can do to help your family then please reach out. Call our office 208-322-7755 or email us at care@redmountainclinic.com.

      In Health,

      Dr. Rostenberg

  • August 4, 2017 Reply


    Hi, is there a possible way for a woman in late 20s and early early 30s to have low estrogen and that is why she suffers from low choline, low folate, or methyl stress? Or are the chances of estrogen being low with all the high estrogens we intake mere?
    I’m aware that estrogen is the hormone that controls breast size, and I got concerned that when my breasts suddenly shrunk dramatically that that was a sign of a hormone problem. So then I started taking inositol and Tudca (which has Taurine attached to UDCA) and my breast size is slowly (barely) going back to normal which makes me think I was low in estrogen but I could be totally wrong here, and in fact have high estrogen but that wouldn’t explain why I my breasts shunk in late suddenly and never came back. Thanks so much for getting your knowledge and word out, you’re helping to change and save the world. 🙂

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