Beyond MTHFR Education

As you may already know, the word doctor is derived from the Greek word “to teach”. And Dr. Rostenberg takes this idea to heart and has dedicated his life to helping others solve their health problem naturally by optimizing their methylation pathways. In pursuit of the ideal to share this life-changing information as far and wide as possible, was established. The purpose of is to be an online platform for learning, teaching, and exploring the science of methylation.

Today there is a dire need for doctors, clinicians, and patients to become educated regarding methylation and MTHFR.  Dr. Rostenberg is available for private or group training sessions or speaking events.  Dr. Rostenberg can address the most common questions and most important concepts in methylation. Some highlights may include:

  • How to spot methylation problems with the naked eye, without needing any tests
  • Why the gut and digestive process must come first in treating methylation disorders
  • Why some people react negatively to methyl folate and B12 and others do not
  • How methylation impacts pregnancy and neonatal development
  • How methylation genes cause anxiety, depression, insomina, mania, schizophrenia, POTS, and other neurological disorders
  • Which nutrients are needed to support healthy methylation, detoxification, digestion, and brain health
  • Which lab tests and functional medicine testing is most effective for patients trying to optimize their genes
  • and MUCH more… is built with one purpose in mind – to teach. In the pages found here you will find the best clinical pearls and hard-hitting scientific research pertaining to optimizing methylation…way beyond just looking at MTHFR! Please explore the videos and blog posts here as they represent the final product of thousands of hours of study. Dr. Rostenberg has done the hard work…now all you have to do is watch and learn. As always, post your comments and questions and let us know if the information is helpful. Enjoy!


To schedule a private or group training or invite the doctor to speak at your next event please contact our office at 208-322-7755