Group MTHFR Seminars

Learn MTHFR Science, Research and Treatment from Anywhere in the World!

I am committed to teaching others the insights, science and clinical tools I use in practice every day.  The mission of BeyondMTHFR is to help as many people as possible and that requires educating not only patients, but doctors and care providers as well.  To help providers, clinicians and doctors learn this exciting and powerful science, I am offering 1-hour small group learning seminars.  These intensive, small group workshops will give you a toolkit you can apply directly to practice the next day.  Dr. Rostenberg has done the work, the research and developed the protocols, now its your turn to learn from one of the best.


  • Learn MTHFR and related genetic science, research, and pathways
  • Learn most effective lab testing for methylation defects, gut imbalances, and all manner of chronic disease
  • Review your difficult cases with Dr. Rostenberg’s input and expertise
  • Ask questions and gain insight into the physiology and functional nature of the body’s own genius design
  • Learn which supplements are most effective for a myriad of common, chronic health problems
  • Receive a custom study guide and powerpoint slide show for home study after every course
  • Subject matter is custom-tailored to the group’s needs, everything from genes, digestion, detox, mitochondria and more.


  • 5 or more individuals are required to schedule
  • Lessons last approximately 50 minutes
  • Cost is $90 per participant

I sincerely look forward to helping you and your colleagues improve your outcomes and level of care.  We work with doctors all over the world, from the USA, Europe and Japan.  And there is room for you also to increase your level of knowledge and understanding.

Contact my office directly by phone (208) 322-7755 or email and lets get started!

Yours in Health,

Dr. Rostenberg


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