Product Description

Inside you will find a powerful story about the genetic causes behind many of today’s most challenging health problems. Beginning with an overview of the new science of MTHFR and epigenetics, Dr. Rostenberg takes us on a journey from our digestive tract to the brain and into the genetic pathways that impact our lives. Your Genius Body blends the topics of gut health, brain function, hormone balance and methylation genetics into a powerful, eye-opening experience. Full of cutting-edge research, clinical pearls and easy-to-read language, this book will forever change the way you look at dealing with chronic health problems. Dr. Rostenberg delves deep to explore the reasons why we get sick, and then he offers proven natural solutions and protocols to help us heal. Dr. Rostenberg believes that not only are our genes powerful, but they are also malleable and programmable – they are never static! If you learn one thing from Your Genius Body you must realize that your genes are not your destiny, but they are your tendency. For when we optimize our genes, we optimize our lives!