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Samantha called my office for help because she has been dealing with symptoms of yeast and adrenal fatigue for 40 years. She is a grandmother in her seventies who has battled the symptoms of rapid heartbeat, dizziness, blood sugar swings, weak immune system, and insomnia off and on for decades. The last four years have been especially rough on her, forcing her to use a prescription of hydrocortisone to fall asleep. Needless to say Samantha was looking for a better way to health that didn’t involve taking a prescriptions to sleep and living with symptoms of adrenal fatigue for years on end.

She lives in a part of the country where many toxic chemicals are used in the agriculture business. While she doesn’t live on a farm herself, she has been exposed to these potent chemicals for decades. Since many of these toxins kill off the good bacteria in our guts, they often lead to the growth of aggressive bacteria and Candida overgrowth. This hidden infection caused her to experience all the nasty side effects of a gut-based methylation problem.

Remember that the gut talks directly to the adrenal glands and any infection in the gut will constantly stimulate the “fight or flight” system.  Her body was being swamped with gut-based molecules like benzoic acid and other phenols, high amounts of folic acid and folate, and aldehydes – each one a potent toxin that can upset the methylation cycle and make adrenal fatigue symptoms drag on for years.

By addressing her gut with a comprehensive repair program, Samantha was able to see results immediately. After just a few days on our program she was excited to tell me that she was sleeping soundly through the night without any medication. And as her sleep dramatically improved, she felt better than she had in decades!

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