Sunday, August 18, 2014

From Sheila Corbin via Email:

In 2002, at age 32, I had a brain stem stroke which resulted in a spontaneous vertebral artery dissection. Obviously brain stem strokes are different than hemispheric strokes. A BSS affects the part of the brain that is the main switching station. Movement, speech, breathing, heartbeat, swallowing are controlled by the brain stem. It caused my inability to move and speak, even though I was able to think the way I did before my stroke. Basically, I lost control of all bodily functions. I couldn’t walk or talk and had to have a feeding tube. The doctors at this time told my parents I had 3% to 5% chance of living or being stuck in a locked-in state. Even though I couldn’t respond, I could hear and understand quite well what they were saying. You could only imagine the pain and anger which I was feeling at that moment. I had no idea as to the uncertainty of the long road I had in front of me.

I was in Lutheran Hospital for one month followed by Craig Hospital for four more months. At Craig, I went through extensive therapy for cognitive, physical and occupational therapies where I learned how to walk, talk and how to live again. I also had two years of outpatient therapy.

This is a very short version to my journey. I also had a carotid artery dissection, several knee and wrist surgeries for torn ligaments, shoulder reconstructive surgery and various female surgeries. Before my BSS in 2002, I was a healthy, energetic, active female with no signs of the journey to come. Since the BSS, I have been over medicated for several years for PTSD, severe anxiety, sleep disorder, etc. When I say over medicated, I mean medications that impaired my stability and my ability to function which led to falls and other various injuries. It seemed that every time I went to a doctor for a problem, the solution was always the same, another prescription for the symptom. I was never given answers as to WHY these things were occurring or even solutions to the actual underlying problem. Often times, things that I shared with the specialists were dismissed as impossible.

Finally, I started taking matters into my own hands. I started doing research on my own. Through chance, I was put in touch with Sterling Hill which pointed me in the direction of the 23 and Me website. The results from my genetic variant report confirmed many of my suspicions, in particularly, the elhers-danlos syndrome, blood clotting disorders, etc. After finding all of this out and experiencing great fatigue, migraine headaches, excessive bruising, blood vein breakages, severe INR fluctuations from 1.5 to 7.9 on a weekly basis, digestive issues, increased daily panic attacks, I started reading and researching the MTHFR website and I reached out to Dr. Rostenberg for help.

After my first telephone conversation with Dr. Rostenberg, I felt a faint glimmer of hope which I hadn’t felt in 12 years. I felt like there was a chance at life instead of having a death sentence. I simply wanted to see my daughter grow and be a part of her life. Basically, I have been working with Dr. Rostenberg for a couple of months. I switched to drinking natural spring water, no gluten and all organic foods.

The first protocol was healing the gut. My body was not processing the nutrients it needed to heal itself. I had a daily regimen of Acute Care, UltraFlora IV, Candibactin AR, Candibactin BR, Vitamin D3, UltraPotent Vitamin C, Metagest, Azeo-Pangen and Glutamine. I ate mono meals for 10 days consisting of vegetables and chicken.

The second protocol was to detoxify the body. My regimen was UltraClear Plus, EPA-DHA 720, ArginCor, Azeo-Pangen, UltraFlora, Metagest, D3 10,000 with K2, Inflavonoid Intensive Care.

As a result, I have no stiffness, no swelling in my joints. I have not had one broken blood vessel, no headaches. Spider veins and blood vessels in my eyes are less predominant. I have so much extra energy I don’t know what to do. I am able to exercise and lift light weights. I have not had any panic attacks in over a month. The swelling in my legs is gone. I haven’t felt this good since my BSS in 2002.

I am grateful to Dr. Rostenberg. I feel that he has given me my life back in just a short time. It is an undeniable truth as to the power of nutrition which enables the body’s desire and ability to heal. I look forward to continuing my journey with Dr. Rostenberg.

This is the short version of my story. If I can be of any help to share any more of my story or answer any and all questions, I am more than willing to do so.