1. Any chance this talk can be posted to the internet? or purchased as a CD for those of us who do not live locally? I am so glad I found you website the information and videos are wonderful.
    All the best, Cat LeVasseur

    • Hi Cat,

      Stay tuned this talk will be filmed, uploaded and posted over the next month or so. Thanks for your positive feedback and more good stuff is on the way!

      In Health,

      Dr. Rostenberg

  2. I am compound heterozygous, with many complicated condition, some of which include: CIRS, LYME, off the chart lead toxicity, parasites, mast cell activation disorder, Vitamin D dysregulation, extremely labile hypertension, weekly migraines, numerous allergies & very compromised immune system, etc.

    It would be grat if you would hold a seminar in MADISON, WI. Very few health practioners know much, if anything about this complicated subject.

    Please add me to your mailing list.

    Thank you,
    Annette Baker, CNC

    • Thank you for you comment Annette. We will keep you in the loop regarding upcoming Webinars and speaking engagements. – Dr. Rostenberg

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