BeyondMTHFR™ was founded by Dr. Andrew Rostenberg as a educational resource for promoting health through optimizing methylation pathways.  Emerging science is rapidly changing the way we view health and human biology.  Understanding methylation gives important insights into pathways and biochemical processes that can have a large impact on our health and our lives.  This is an exciting project that will be constantly updated with the most important scientific information concerning methylation and how it impacts all of our lives.

Dr. Rostenberg battled for years with the negative side effects of methylation problems before embarking on a rigorous course of self-study to get to the root cause of his ailments.  Through long, discplined hours of study Dr. Rostenberg has uncovered the hidden connections between our health and our genes.  He has done the work and connected the dots of how our genetics influence who we are and how we feel.  BeyondMTHFR™ is a project where this amazing scientific information is shared with the world!