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Researching methylation is a fascinating area of study that ties together many different systems of our body. While MTHFR, COMT, and MAO genes are very well-known, they are other lesser known genes that impact our health as well. In this video I am sharing with you my latest research into a gene called FUT2 (fucosyltransferase 2). The reason this gene is important is that it controls a very important process in our body. FUT2 controls the production of a special prebiotic called 2’-fucosyllactose (2’FL) which has wide-ranging effects on our gut, our brain and our overall health.

The FUT2 Gene Overview

The FUT2 gene is important because of how it influences who and what lives in your gut. It controls whether someone is a “secretor” or “non-secretor” phenotype, meaning whether or not you produce the prebiotic known as 2’FL. 2’FL is great stuff for our healthy bacteria, as they are literally fed by this sugary molecule. At the same time that 2’FL feeds our good bugs, it acts as a decoy for bad bugs allowing pathogens to be passed harmlessly into the stool instead of attaching to the gut wall. Obviously anything that helps feed the good bugs while helping us to remove the bad bugs is something we want.

Like most genes however, FUT2 is a double-edge sword that can help in some ways but also hinder you in others. As the video highlights for you, the FUT2 gene can increase the odds of having Crohn’s disease and leaky gut, but at the same time it can protect you from H. pylori and the Norovirus. Research shows that 20% of the population is +/+ or homozygous for the FUT2 “non-secretor” gene. These individuals have unique characteristics which differ from the other 80% of those with higher functioning FUT2 genes.

FUT2 genes which are +/+ homozygous can cause people to be deficient in the important 2’FL prebiotic. This impacts the quality of the mucous in our gut and the quality of the breast milk in nursing mothers. 2’FL is really found in just two places – the lining of our digestive tract and the breast milk of lactating mothers. Mothers who have low function FUT2 genes have different breast milk than women who do not the same FUT2 genes. This difference in breast milk leads to a difference in gut bacteria when we are babies. Then as we grow up into adults, these FUT2 genes still impact us because they change the quality of the mucous in our gut. This can predispose us to leaky gut, even when we have low stress and a healthy diet!

FUT2 Impacts Bacteria, Amino Acids and Neurotransmitters

Since FUT2 genes help to feed our healthy bugs, people with FUT2 issues are often lacking in certain types of bacteria, esp. Bifidobacterial species. When FUT2 genes are present, we can’t produce 2’FL on the lining of our gut very well. This leaves our good bugs without their favorite food and can lead to bad bugs taking hold. Research has shown that FUT2 feeds the kinds of bugs in our gut that produce amino acids like tyrosine, tryptophan, and lysine. So FUT2 people cannot feed the bacteria which help to produce these key amino acids. Therefore, people with low FUT2 function are lacking in those amino acids, and can suffer from chronic depression and anxiety, chronic fatigue, obesity, mitochondrial dysfunction, and other health issues.

When the gut doesn’t produce amino acids for us, we develop problems that can impact all systems of our body.  Our hormones, neurotransmitters, muscles, immune system and gut lining are just a few of the areas where we utilize amino acids.  We literally cannot live without amino acids, and with Glyphosate and GMO Foods (Thank you, Monsanto!) poisoning our digestive systems everyone is at risk.  Many people with FUT2 problems develop hormone issues because our body uses peptides (aka amino acid chains) to send signals from our brain to the glands in our body.  If we don’t have enough protein/amino acids in our body due to FUT2, GMO-foods, antibiotics or all three, then we will definitely have a problem.

For example one thing I often ask my patients is whether or not they have cold sores or Herpes Simplex issues (type 1 or type 2).  The answer to this question helps us understand if they have enough lysine in their body.  Since FUT2 genes helps us to have lysine in our bodies, those people with FUT2 issues typically are going to be lysine deficient and struggle with chronic virus issues like EBV, Herpes, etc.  Lysine is necessary for the body to be able to use B6 which is used in hundreds of chemical reactions throughout our cells.  Lysine is also necessary for the immune system to help kill viruses, and it is also used in the production of carnitine.  Carnitine is essential for our body to burn fat and protects our blood brain barrier.  Therefore if  you have FUT2 problem that is untreated, then you have a lysine problem, a viral problem, a fat-burning problem, and mitochondrial issues because of a lack of carnitine.  That is just one of the side effects of this gene issue.

There is also some research that shows people with poorly functioning FUT2 genes are able to absorb B12 more easily, which helps optimize your methylation cycle.  The thinking on this is that since H. pylori is less likely to take hold in people with FUT2 genes, there is better function of intrinsic factor in the stomach which helps us absorb B12.  Again, each “bad” gene that creates a problem also provides some benefit, and in this case higher B12 levels is a definite advantage.

Our gut produces the amino acids that our brain and nervous system need to function optimally. I have shown in previous videos that many issues conspire to disrupt our gut’s ability to feed our brain these essential amino acids. From over exposure to antibiotics, eating highly toxic GMO foods to suffering from chronic digestive problems like GERD, IBS, diarrhea and constipation, many people have a poorly functioning and leaky gut. Now we must add the FUT2 gene and its 2’FL prebiotic to this equation as well. Sure, it seems complicated (and it is) but that doesn’t mean you cannot come up with a simple plan to help heal your body. That is what my work at BeyondMTHFR© is all about – the more we help educate the more people can benefit from this incredible science!

In Summary

Understanding FUT2 may not be as popular as other genes like MTHFR, COMT, MAO, etc. but is still an important gene. We are hearing more each day how important the gut is to our overall health. At the same time, we have millions of people suffering with gut and brain problems that conventional treatment doesn’t seem to help. Many mood and behavior problems start in the gut, and FUT2 is a major player in this area. Looking at FUT2 genes, and at how they influence our gut bacteria and brain function, can help those with chronic gut-brain issues find relief.

Recommended Supplementation for FUT2 Genes

If people with FUT2 genes don’t have enough 2’FL, then logically it makes sense to provide their digestive tract with additional 2’FL. This would act as a fertilizer for the good bugs and help to offset the negative effects some people experience as a result of their FUT2 genes. There is only one produce to my knowledge which directly addresses the FUT2 issue and the lack of 2’FL. The product I am recommending has been developed by NutriDyn and is called GI Restore. This product has effective levels of 2’FL in each serving, along with many other ingredients that help fight leaky gut.

GI Restore – The most common recommendation for patients is to start slowly, taking 1 scoop once per day for a few days then working up to 2 scoops twice per day. This can be continued for several weeks or months, or as needed to manage leaky gut symptoms and support FUT2 genetics.


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