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Our stomach is an amazing organ but it has an Achilles heel – it can develop a problem called a hiatal hernia.  This occurs when the stomach slides up (or herniates) through the diaphragm and into the chest cavity.  This puts the stomach in close contact with the heart, and the heart doesn’t like this situation very much. This can lead to severe and bizarre symptoms that make sleep impossible and may even send you to the hospital.

When the hiatal hernia happens it can cause symptoms ranging from GERD, reflux, bad breath, burping, hiccups, to chest pain, difficulty breathing, arrhythmia and even heart attack symptoms.  In fact, people go the emergency room every day thinking they are having a heart attack, when in fact it is just a hiatal hernia.  Often the symptoms of a hiatal hernia only show up when you are lying down such as sleeping or napping.

Medical doctors may recommend surgery for severe cases (and in some cases surgery is necessary), but for most people the hiatal hernia is treatable with conservative care.  Hiatal hernias can persists for years and they are a contributing factor for people with SIBO, anxiety, IBS and many other chronic problems. Since digestion is the foundation of health, it is very important to treat and fix the hiatal hernia.  If you are living with a hiatal hernia you are living below your potential!  Anything that interferes with the function of the stomach and of our digestive system needs to be treated for us to heal and enjoy life-long wellness.

Many chiropractors, naturopaths, osteopaths and select integrative doctors are trained to fix or “reduce” the hiatal hernia without drugs or surgery.  In this video I share with you the science and some of the exercises we give to our patients to help fix this common, digestion-destroying problem.

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