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Dr. Rostenberg recommends genetic testing through AncestryDNA for many of his patients, especially patients who are discussing genetics, methylation, and MTHFR. This test provides valuable information about your genes and how they affect your health! We previously recommended 23andme, however they made changes to their testing protocol which removed some very important genes from their report. Now AncestryDNA is the best choice and it is significantly less expensive.

On another note, GlaxoSmithKline, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies on earth, recently purchased the genetic information stored with 23andme. This raises significant privacy concerns. It is wise to use a fake name to protect your privacy with any genetic testing (it is completely legal and within your rights to do so).

Once you have completed your AncestryDNA testing, you will need to download and submit the “raw data” to a third party site to create a variant report. We recommend MTHFR Support as the best third party option.

To get started just go to and order a test kit. When the kit arrives, follow the instructions, and then mail back your saliva sample. Approximately 4 weeks later, AncestryDNA will contact you to let you know your raw data is available. The cost for this test is $99.

Once you have downloaded your raw data, you will need to visit another website to have your data formatted into a PDF document containing your genetic health information. Go to and follow the instructions for “Sterling’s App.” Once ordered, you will immediately be able to download a PDF document. The cost for the variant report is $30. This report includes 50+ pages of data that is color coded for easy reading. It is the most useful genetic report available and it will provide the genetic information necessary to better understand your health condition.If you would like to speak with Dr. Rostenberg regarding your genetic report, email him directly at His office staff will contact you and find a time to speak with him on how to improve your health and well being!