Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Dear Dr. Rostenberg:

Just wanted to give you some feedback on my daughters Conley and Torey since we started working with you and they have been introduced to your protocols.  First with Torey(17) who has been struggling with blood sugar issues, insomnia, and Lyme disease, she has improved significantly.  She is getting more stable with her sugars, she is able to eat less during the day and night.  Her night time has been much better, she is only waking up once, and last night went all night without eating, huge improvement!  She also is feeling better, spending more time up and active. My daughter Conley(18) who also suffers with Lyme disease and extreme Raynaud’s, has had only a few episodes of blue fingers since she has done the detox and the nutritional supplements.  We are very happy that we are working with you and feel like all you have done for them has been very beneficial.  Thanks so much, we are looking forward to an ongoing relationship and continued healing.

Tammy Harrison