Infertility is a growing problem in our society. It is now estimated that up to 17% of couples are infertile, leading to a great deal of frustration, sadness, and confusion. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In this informative video you will learn the root causes of infertility in our society. You will also learn the natural supplements, herbs and vitamins that are most effective at treating and beating infertility problems.

Listen to Dr. Rostenberg and Dr. McQueen share with you the latest science regarding PCOS, infertility, hormone imbalances and more. They shed light on the root causes of WHY women (and men) become infertile. This video ties together blood sugar, adrenal health, hormone health, and more giving you the knowledge you need to use natural medicine to achieve your fertility goals.

If you or someone you know is dealing with the struggle of infertility, including acne, painful periods, weight gain, adrenal fatigue and more…then please share this video! For help optimizing your genes, your blood sugar and your fertility, so you may experience more abundant health in your life, you may contact Dr. Rostenberg and Dr. McQueen at 208-322-7755 or