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Whether you have methylation problems or a chronic disease of some kind, making sure your cholesterol levels are optimized is key for the healing process.  New science is challenging the idea that high cholesterol is bad and low cholesterol is good.  We’ve been “managing” cholesterol levels for 50 years and we are getting sicker, not healthier.  The reason is that cholesterol is the most important fatty molecule in side your body!

Less is not better and there is always some reason – an infection, inflammation, sick gallbladder, etc. – that causes cholesterol levels to rise.  The body is never making a mistake.  When a blood test confirms that cholesterol levels are out of range or imbalanced, then just giving the body drugs to make less cholesterol is the last thing you would want to do.  Its important to find the reason WHY the cholesterol is high and treat that problem.  Putting people on cholesterol-lowering medication isn’t saving lives, its hurting them!

Listen to Dr. Rostenberg discuss and share his insights into why cholesterol is a key molecule for optimizing your health and your genes. Far from being a problem, high cholesterol is actually an intelligent response by our body which protects us from serious, life-threatening diseases like Alzheimer’s and sepsis. For assistance with optimizing your cholesterol and to reduce/eliminate your symptoms, please contact Dr. Rostenberg at Red Mountain Natural Medicine today. Phone 208-322-7755. Email Website and