Check out this video produced by Dr. Rostenberg where he explains the complex issues of gluten sensitivity in easy-to-understand language.  Gluten is not a fad, not a fluke, it is the real deal food poison that impacts MANY people, esp. those with chronic challenges like MTHFR, candida, etc. 

Gluten free is everywhere in healthcare today. The question is often asked: What is gluten and why is it a problem? This entertaining and informative presentation will help you answer these questions and more. Listen to Dr. Rostenberg explain the finer points of gluten-sensitivity and how it impacts multiple areas of your body – everything from sleep disorders, to digestive problems, weight gain, autism, infertility and more can be caused by gluten. If you or someone you know is suffering from gluten sensitivity, please share this video with them! For help with improving digestion and reducing gluten-caused inflammation, you may contact Dr. Rostenberg at 208-322-7755 or