Tryptophan Steal

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The nutritional advice on this protocol is designed to help those who are dealing with health problems associated with the Tryptophan Steal – the inflammation, anxiety, depression and poor sleep that so many experience.  Specifically the Tryptophan Steal is related to elevated quinolinic acid and/or an elevated quinolinic acid to serotonin ratio and the chaos that can cause.  Of course, you must first test these important neurotransmitter markers by performing an Organic Acid Test like the one from Great Plains Laboratory.

The goal with these supplements is to give the body what it is trying to produce.  Remember from the article I wrote that the body is trying to produce NAD, a vitamin B3 derivative.  So we need to provide a good source of vitamin B3 like niacinamide, which doesn’t cause any flushing even at high doses.  We also need to suppress levels of inflammation and cytokines released by the immune system, since these chemicals speed up the destruction of tryptophan.  And finally we should also give the body quality probiotics to replace the gut bacteria we lose from exposure to antibiotics, pesticides and other toxic chemicals.

Tryptophan Steal Supplement Protocol:

Niacinamide 500 – 2 capsules once or twice per day with meals. Provides the body with therapeutic levels of naicinamide which is the precursor to the NAD/NADH molecule.†

Dynamic Inflam-Eze – 2 scoops 1 or 2x day. Mix into 8-12oz of water and drink immediately. Use as a meal replacement or snack throughout the day.†

PRM Resolve – Take 2 softgels 2x daily.  Specialized pro-resolving mediators found in fish oil that target the inflammation pathway. (use one 120 ct. bottle at 6 per day, then cut the dose back to 2 2x day for another bottle, then take 1 2x day ongoing).†

UltraBiotic Daily Multi-Strain – Given that gut bacteria produce amino acids which help us make serotonin, we need to make sure our gut is populated with healthy gut bacteria. This 7-strain probiotic is the best all-around formula I have seen and for long-term daily support.†


All supplements in this nutritional protocol (except the Thorne Niacinamide product) can be purchased online through Dr. Rostenberg’s online pharmacy. Getting the supplements shipped to your door is very easy. Just follow the instructions below:

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