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In our last video Dr. Rostenberg laid out the fundamentals of how COMT and MAO polymorphisms affect our brain.  This video expands on these ideas and explains why and how methylation nutrients can heal the imbalanced brain.  The peer-reviewed research is clear that proper methylation is needed for normal brain function.  It also shows that methyl support prevents dementia and cognitive decline, even for those who are already suffering from the ravages of brain disease like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.  Future videos will address these and other issues more in-depth.

When we have a polymorphism that slows down, its tempting to think we will forever be handicapped.  And in a way, that is true.  But consider that having COMT expression slows down your ability to degrade neurotransmitters.  When the body releases these powerful chemicals in the brain, people with COMT genes will have more neurotransmitter activity compared to someone without COMT SNPs.  This can make someone smarter, more focused, better reflexes, and better memory.  It can also harm them since excess neurotransmitters can damage the tissue/neurons in the brain itself.  Dopamine and adrenalin are like gasoline.  Without it, our brain doesn’t fire correctly.  Too much of it and our brain catches fire!

The good news is that methyl vitamins which support proper SAMe levels protect us against the harmful effects of excess neurotransmitters.  In other words, as you’ll see in this video, methyl groups are the key ingredient to help your COMT work at its best.  If you are born with a slower COMT, you still want to make sure it is working at maximum speed.  I mean, if you drove a car that only had a top speed of 40 miles per hour, and the speed limit is 60, wouldn’t you want to drive as fast as possible?  This is exactly the same phenomenon in the body.  SNPs slow down our top speed, but vitamins makes sure we can still drive at our own individual top speed.  That is why making sure you have enough methyl donors to break down the catecholamines becomes so important.  If you would like help with your methylation genetics to heal your neurotransmitters and/or hormones, please contact Dr. Rostenberg at Red Mountain Natural Medicine today. Phone 208-322-7755. Email