There is a reason why people in this society are chronically ill and sick.  We all know that there is no shortage of drugs and surgeries in this country; we aren’t suffering from a lack of access to pharmaceutical drugs.  What we are dealing with is a lack of understanding of what the body actually does and what we can do to help it work correctly.

Listen to Dr. Rostenberg discuss and share his insights into methylation and MTHFR. By looking at genes, we can discover hidden reasons that cause the body to act in certain ways. As Dr. Rostenberg says, your genes are not your destiny, but they are your tendency! Understanding your genetic tendencies helps you optimize your genes, and optimize your life – and that is what working on improving your health is all about. For assistance with methylation and to reduce/eliminate your symptoms, please contact Dr. Rostenberg at Red Mountain Natural Medicine today. Phone 208-322-7755. Email