Samantha called my office for help because she has been dealing with symptoms of yeast and adrenal fatigue for 40 years. She is a grandmother in her seventies who has battled the symptoms of rapid heartbeat, dizziness, blood sugar swings, weak immune system, and insomnia off and on for decades. The last four years have been especially rough on her, forcing her to use a prescription of hydrocortisone to fall asleep. Needless to say Samantha was looking for a better way to health that didn’t involve taking a prescriptions to sleep and living with symptoms of adrenal fatigue for years on end.

She lives in a part of the country where many toxic chemicals are used in the agriculture business. While she doesn’t live on a farm herself, she has been exposed to these potent chemicals for decades. Since many of these toxins kill off the good bacteria in our guts, they often lead to the growth of aggressive bacteria and Candida overgrowth. This hidden infection caused her to experience all the nasty side effects of a gut-based methylation problem.

Remember that the gut talks directly to the adrenal glands and any infection in the gut will constantly stimulate the “fight or flight” system.  Her body was being swamped with gut-based molecules like benzoic acid and other phenols, high amounts of folic acid and folate, and aldehydes – each one a potent toxin that can upset the methylation cycle and make adrenal fatigue symptoms drag on for years.

By addressing her gut with a comprehensive repair program, Samantha was able to see results immediately. After just a few days on our program she was excited to tell me that she was sleeping soundly through the night without any medication. And as her sleep dramatically improved, she felt better than she had in decades!

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  • January 14, 2015 Reply


    You have several articles that sound just like me and I have the SNPs. My question is, regarding this patient, did she have OBVIOUS signs of gut imbalance? I have her symptoms and have been on Cortef for 5 years. I don’t have the obvious symptoms of any gut problems. No diarrhea, stomach aches/pain, reflux, constipation….none of that. Could gut issues still be the/a problem?
    Thanks, Cathy

    • March 15, 2015 Reply

      Dr. Rostenberg

      Hi Cathy,

      Gut issues can ALWAYS be a hidden problem. Remember the gut is place where infections can hide. When I say hide I mean they hide from our conscious awareness, but our body darn well knows the infection is present. This is why people with chronic adrenal issues NEED to make sure their gut is clean and not harboring infectious microorganisms. Any kind of chronic infection can drive the adrenals wild. Just listen to this testimonial I recently posted:
      Adrenal Failure, Hypertension, Sepsis and Fatigue

      If you would like help on an individual basis, please contact my office and my team and I will take great care of you!

      In Health,

      Dr. Rostenberg

  • May 29, 2015 Reply


    Hi Dr, i have severe adrenal fatigue-insomnia and a very leaky gut with high candida. Can you help me with a treatment option so i can sleep again?

  • November 9, 2015 Reply

    Teresa Skeleton

    I am curious to know what I can do for horrible, intolerable muscle pain? Thanks

  • March 4, 2016 Reply


    Dr Rosenberg I would just like to say I can across your videos on you tube and you have enspired me I really look up to you and would like to get to the bottom of my health issues that I have wanted to figure out for Years and they are only getting worse. Do you take clients from Australia ? Thank you

    • March 7, 2016 Reply


      Hello Christina,

      Thank you for your comment. Yes, I work with many individuals in Australia via Skype. I can help you get to the bottom of your health problem and come up with an individualized approach that is right for you. The next step is to contact my front desk and they will get you all squared away.

      Yours in Health,

      Dr. Rostenberg

  • March 9, 2016 Reply


    I am wondering about the bloating factor with MTHFR. I also have Lyme and heavy metals toxicity, but even though I have chelated and been on a Lyme protocol, everything I eat makes me bloated. I also have CBS gene mutation, and have not started on my MTHFR supplements. I am wondering if the bloating is being caused by the MTHFR?

    • March 13, 2016 Reply


      Hi Elle,

      Thanks for your comment! When there is bloating we need to realize the gut is the area to focus on. Many people with MTHFR problems have also developed gut problems. These gut-based issues become sticky and difficult to treat; many individuals suffer with these symptoms for years. The big consequence is that as people try to heal from adrenal fatigue and other chronic health challenges, they struggle because food and supplements aren’t absorbed very well. If you haven’t already make sure to read the blog article called Gut Origins of Methylation Problems If you would like help with your bloating, heavy metals, immune system, methylation balance and more, then please reach out and contact my office 208-322-7755 and MTHFR cannot cause bloating per se, however people with untreated MTHFR issues often suffer from chronic gut dysfunction make us more susceptible to heavy metals, infections, and malnutrition in general.

      Yours in Health,

      Dr. Rostenberg

  • March 18, 2016 Reply


    Dear Dr. Rostenberg,

    Would you strongly suspect that a decade long sinusitis, anusitis, fatigue, anxiety, neurological and brain symptoms be caused by a chronic gut flora problem? Assuming that all the other allopathic avenues were already explored.

    Patient has received Neurological Integration System (NIS) treatment from a homeopath which has identified overgrowth of fungus and bacteria. NIS temporarily lowered the inflammation and the patient felt better only for symptoms to return. Patient also did a week long Dr. Clark liver/gallbladder cleanse and felt the best he had in years, only for symptoms to return again.

    If it were you, would you start with your 10 day gut repair protocol or perhaps start with a coffee enema?

    Thank Doctor for your passion and time.

    • March 21, 2016 Reply


      Hello Sebastian,

      Thank you for your comment! Your symptoms describe the common ways that gut dysbiosis makes its impact on our system. Sinusitis and anusitis are both part of the GI Tract, just at opposing ends. The anxiety comes often from clogged liver pathways that are constantly strained trying to detoxify the GI tract. This causes adrenalin, dopamine and norepinephrine to stay in circulation longer. Gut infections strain the same pathways that remove catecholamines, histamine and serotonin. So you are absolutely on the right track!

      A good approach is to start with the 10-day Gut Program. Then at the end of ten days, simply reduce the dosage of the “bug killers” and glutamine by 50-60% and keep taking them for another 4-12 weeks. The length depends on symptoms, whether they return when the products are stopped, etc. As for coffee enemas it is best to perform them simultaneously to the gut program. Our recommended schedule is 1 coffee enema per day for 1 week, then 3x per week for a month. After than coffee enemas may be performed multiple times per week ongoing.

      You will be better!

      In Health,

      Dr. Rostenberg

  • July 10, 2016 Reply

    E Noelle

    I have been ill for at least 36 yrs. I would like to try the 10-Day Gut Repair for Leaky Gut. I do have homozygous MTHFR and cannot tolerate L-Glutamine. I took 2Gms for a couple of days and had more energy so I increased it to 2Gms BID and my brain went crazy. I felt all revved up……with an inability to focus or concentrate and my physical body overly stimulated. Any suggestions on what could be done so I could try the gut repair protocol?

    Thanks for your help!

    • July 11, 2016 Reply


      Hi Noelle,

      Thanks for your comment. You can certainly do the protocol but keep the dosage of glutamine much lower at a level you better tolerate. I would suggest that if glutamine is hurting you, and remember that glutamine is very common in our every day foods like animal protein, soy protein, etc. So eating 2 grams of L-glutamine by itself may make you have symptoms, even though you probably eat more than 2 grams of glutamine each day in the other protein sources in your diet. So how do we reconcile the fact that glutamine is eaten as a part of whole food with no symptoms, but L-glutamine by itself can cause symptoms? In my experience this is due to a lack of Taurine and B6. Both Taurine and B6 are required to convert glutamate into GABA. So if people react to L-glutamine it usually means they are Taurine and/or B6 deficient. The product I recommend in cases like this is to take Trancor (by Metagenics you can find on the same website as the 10-day protocol supplements) which has B6, Taurine and some other good support for GABA/glutamate balance.

      Again, my experience has shown me that the intolerance to L-glutamine is usually a Taurine and B6 problem. Either take the Trancor at a dosage of 2-3 capsules 3x per day with food and limit your L-glutamine intake to 5-10 grams per day total; or just ignore the glutamine part of the instructions all together. For healing the gut the glutamine is very helpful, but the most powerful part of the protocol are the other supplements on the list – Candibactin AR, Candibactin BR, D3 10,000 w/ K2, Metagest, etc. Hope that helps!

      In Health,

      Dr. Rostenberg

  • August 24, 2016 Reply


    I would really like to treat my insomnia I had guy dysbiosis and have never felt completely better

  • September 8, 2016 Reply


    Hi, I have adrenal insufficiency and my doctor has started me on hydrocortisone. I also have pyrolle disorder, parasites and candida. But as soon as I start any die off my body goes into stress mode, pumps out more adrenaline and more stress and get hyper. My insomnia has been extremely bad for 5 years. I don’t know how I can get better and kill the parasites if my body goes into stress at the slightest die off. Me and my two young daughters have this problem and it’s almost impossible to do anything. We can only tolerate meat, vegetable and limited fruit. Any information is greatly appreciated.
    Thank you

    • October 10, 2016 Reply


      Hi Jordana,

      Thanks for your comment. You are dealing with a very challenging situation and one that people sometimes face with adrenal fatigue. Pyrolle disorder simply means you don’t have enough B6 and zinc to metabolize the hemoglobin properly, and often this is related to oxalates. There is a great deal to discuss in a case like this, more than I can share on a comment. You need to work with someone who is going to look at the 30,000 foot view and take into consideration all the minutia and details like blood labs, history, symptoms, antiobiotic exposure, gut health, neurotransmitters, and of course genetics. We’ve helped many patients who were equally “stuck” and allowed them to move on and live a more fuller, healthier life. If you would like help with that, the best thing for you to do is contact my office directly. We can be reached at 208-322-7755 and We live to take better care of people, to solve problems and provide life-changing results. You will be better!

      In Health,

      Dr. Rostenberg

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